Photographed a bunch of notebook scribbles and painted over them in an attempt to make something mediocre from something crap. #PRODUCTIVITY 

Look at these guys, watching me watching them.

Ok ok ok, it’s a bit pinterest/teenager’s bedroom, but fuck it, I could paint this photo for ever.

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This is all I have achieved today.

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I don’t think I’ve shared this here yet. I’m not even sure how to classify this sort of image, it’s mostly digital painting but the checker bg tiling is all photoshop’s work. And the dove wing engravings are out of copyright images I plucked from an old book. So I guess it’s mixed media - a lot of painting and a little bit of collage. 5 years of art school really didn’t prepare me for categorising works in this exciting new digital age. Lets just call it an image, ok?

And look, a promo link!
Free international shipping on my unframed prints, bags, phone covers, cards, laptop covers, mugs, clocks and tshirts until May 11 via this link. Pass it on. :)

Well, I finished my (first) set of playing card suits. Wings, carbon, scissors and brains. All available as prints in my society6 shop and I’m slowly working my way through adapting them all into mugs, bags etc etc. 

I’m quite happy to see the full set finished but I still might do more if I have time. I still have some inspiration left over and an ongoing addiction to symmetry. 

Any suggestions for more suits?

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Have I plugged my Society6 shop lately?
Oh, well check out all this cool shit with my art on. :)

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Sometimes I’m working on a new pic and I just look at one layer and it kinda works on its own.