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I’ll be celebrating 6 years in the hobby this April 8th (Rose’s arrival anniversary) and my Tumblr blog just turned 3, so I thought, why not do something fun as a thank you to those who have been following me? :)

Enjoy! Also, I apologize for the length of the post, I hope it isn’t too bothersome. D8

These guys don’t sweat anyway, so why the hell not?



IMG_3598 by afa187 on Flickr.

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I haven’t taken any doll photos for about a year, so have some old shots of my DZ Cosmo, Dresden. He’s just sitting on a shelf, silent, staring, making me feel guilty right now. 

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Guess what you can do with three rolls of masking tape and netflix streaming?

This was a contest entry for a Doa challenge a few years ago, it is a dress made entirely from masking tape, nothing but masking tape. I made it over a period of 4 days, with black adder on constant play. 

The Doll is Delf Luwen Girl owned by my roomate. 

Holy shit!

A little preview of some little faces I’m working on.

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I’m sculpting busts lately. Also painting them.

Hopefully soon I’ll be photographing them and selling them, too.

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