HELP! I need your opinions.
And I know you all have opinions.

What kind of prints should I sell? And would you rather buy original paintings/drawings/sculptures or affordable prints?

Picture this: An affluent yet provincial market town, Summer 2014. A bunch of artists are selling their wares from stalls. Oh look! Nijikon is one of those artists! Let’s go see what exquisite yet reasonably priced imagery and objet d’art we can invest in….

This is a real scenario. This is going to happen.

Should I:-

  • {A} Play it safe, go with the crowd and produce mostly inoffensive semi-abstract oil paintings and prints and pretty greetings cards? Or should I - 
  • {B} Stand out a little more and sell my usual weird monster portraits, freaky nonsense and pop-surrealist stuff? 

I’m worried about being swamped by a landslide of nice safe popularist stuff. but on the other hand, I know most people (outside of you discerning, tasteful tumblerites) don’t like the wackier stuff that seems to come naturally to me. 

My main goals are to make money and not be run out of town for pedalling guro porn outside the church. Mostly to make money.
I can’t afford to get prints of everything done so I have to choose carefully.
I’m thinking of doing 8x10” and postcard size archive quality artist prints, plus some little figurines and 3D sculpts and some of my big oil paintings. I just about have time to get some new stuff done if I can bring myself to do pretty commercial stuff.

I’d really appreciate anyone’s advice or insights. I’ve never sold art on a market stall before.  

I just ordered some custom postcards at and I got a referral code.
New customers get 10% off with it. Thought it might be useful for some of my followers.

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hyunsoo kim

Illuminated signs. Odd little sketches with added gold leaf they really don’t deserve.

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Andy invites you to make some art…


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WOW KIDS IT’S DA FUK U MONKEY because fuck me

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"Art is the instinctive application of the knowledge latent in the subconscious."
- Austin Osman Spare (via occulttrainingwheels)


Artist & Illustrator:

Sergey Kristskiy

Marc Taro Holmes

Quite possibly the first and only watercolours I’ll reblog. I really like these though.